Wren Press Factory Visit

A recent visit to The Wren Press factory has left us in awe once again as we go behind the scenes to see how all the beautiful WP pieces come together.

Here in Curzon Street it sometimes seems, after designs are sent to print, that the finished product is conjured out of nowhere. It can be easy to forget the journey each piece has taken from our screens to the stunning end result. So, after an insightful visit to the factory in East London this morning, we must say we are feeling a renewed sense of inspiration. It was fascinating to see how the magic happens as we BLOG 3watched everybody work painstakingly on the intricate process each piece of stationery demands. After seeing the dedication to perfection of the team in Bow, it truly deepened our appreciation for the beautiful work The Wren Press is renowned for. With over 30 years of experience, each craftsman has a unique skillset few in the industry still possess. It was mesmerising to watch our engraver carve the detailed crests and fine type into copper plates for the die stamping. With 5 years of studying the art and decades of experience, he brings new meaning to the term ‘hand-crafted’ – to the extent that he even handcrafts his own tools.

Our guilder, a true perfectionist, demonstrated how the ever popular metallic edge is achieved, a simple yet stunning touch with an involved process behind it. Although Mark makes it look easy, we soon discovered that such expertise cannot be achieved after a few minutes’ practise…

Our die stamper introduced us to the impressive machinery he uses to create each flawless letterhead, business card, wedding invite, etcetera. No matter the job, his commitment to the highest standard is infallible. Again, a master of his craft who makes it look simple. Our nervous attempts at die stamping beg to differ.