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British Made Boxes

black box with silver stamped logo to hold two bespoke cocktail glasses


Crafted To Fit




Box Making

Unique customised boxes created specifically for products, events and unique packaging for retailers. With our own box designers in-house we can create custom shape boxes for brands and clients who need to present something special.

black box with silver stamped logo bespoke design
bespoke boxes for sothebys navy and gold printed
box inserts containing kings coronation die stamped stationery set
gold engraved dark green box king charles and queen camilla coronation stationery writing set
bespoke red and gold box crafted for harrods london
close up of kings coronation engraved logo red and blue in box set
black box with silver stamped logo to hold two bespoke cocktail glasses
bespoke box makers in london samsung logo
a mayfair box designer crafting and measuring a box for housing luxury stationery


Our team of designers can design boxes for you or they can work directly with your own design team to create the perfect bespoke box.


Our in-house box makers will craft each bespoke box by hand ensuring the highest quality and finish with attention to detail.

black box tray insert designed to hold two bespoke cocktail glasses

Trays & Inserts


Our recent ISO14001 certification shows we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by having a sustainable approach to product design and manufacture that allows us to maintain the premium aesthetic and quality that our customers require.



logo in gold foil blocking

Foil Blocking

a master engraver carving a royal crest on a silver plate with tool and magnifying glass



If you would like to contact one of our consultants, please do not hesitate to call our Curzon Street offices on 020 7351 5887. Alternatively you are welcome to email us at or fill out the form below.

a master engraver carving a royal crest on a silver plate with tool and magnifying glass


With 30 years of experience, our master engraver was the last full 5 year apprentice within the trade of engraving. He was indentured to the Worshipful Stationers’ Hall, receiving the Freedom of the City of London. The detailing he can create gives a finesse and quality that is unparalleled within the industry. The Wren Press are the only luxury stationer with our own in-house master engraver.

bespoke luxury box with gold foil crests by the wren press

Royal Warrants

We are honoured that our exacting standards meet with the robust criteria required by The Royal Households. The fact that The Wren Press holds two warrants is a matter of great pride to us, as is our right to display the royal coat of arms. Such hard won accolades are an assurance that our standards are consistently of the highest order.

luxury notecards with engraved bronze leopard logo and gilded edges and tissue lined envelopes


The Wren Press was established in 1985 as a family business, founded on using the very best traditional techniques and skills combined with the finest modern technology. It is now regarded as England’s leading luxury stationers.